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We are a a Registered Canada Not-for-profit Corporation (BN)

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Nelson Mandela once said...

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Our purpose is to reduce school dropouts by promoting education as a tool that inspires children and youth towards a life with goals and purpose, free of inequalities and full of passion. 

- Assist and support their academic journey guaranteeing good health and well-being considered essential in the early stages of life while contributing to their basic needs to study. 

- Relieve poverty cycles in Colombian communities by amplifying their vision of life and opportunities.
We believe we can assist improving this unfortunate problem, not only because it is a universal human right, but because our Colombian children and youth deserve to be supported from the early stages of life. Deserve to learn and be educated so that they can be the leaders of tomorrow with an integral and social life purpose.

That, like our duck, can fly elsewhere to find the best versions of themselves, and return afterward to inspire others...

- Our Mission -

We want to support organizations and reduce poverty cycles by inspiring and supporting Colombian children and youth with education and well-being.

- Our Vision -

We exist so that Colombian children and youth can find their life purpose and spread their wings to new opportunities.

"Colombia needs a change"

"Poverty limits the possibilities of participation and social cohesion to achieve a democratic society with social peace; That's why you should invest in early childhood"

Alberto Minujín from NGO Equity for children

"They will probably carry this mark"

"The child who from zero to five years did not receive the essential nutrients, will not only have smaller sizes, but will learn more slowly and will never develop all the cognitive, affective and personal potential"

Daniela Sarmiento, Nutrition expert for Save the Children in Colombia

"Actions have to start now"

"For 75% of students who attend public schools, this translated into the cessation of the school menu as they conceived it. Although the Government replaced it with bags of food, the NGO warns that these were consumed by more family members given the crisis situation".

Luisa Fernanda Vargas, nurse and health expert at Save the Children

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